Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mini Furniture Is Just Plain CUTE

Work With Me Here


Well, if you call spending our weekend in a 35 foot long fifth wheel with central heat/air, a bunkhouse for three in the back room, queen bedroom in front, kitchen/living area, 27" HDTV w/ DVD and surround sound, and even a central vac "camping." But, we are on a lake in a small campground in Vermont, so camping it is.

Spunky Baby has been camping since he was two weeks old. He doesn't remember much about camping though, nor the rides to camp which run us about three hours. He slept for the first 2 hours of our trip. Then he woke up and couldn't understand why the heck he was 1) still in the car and 2) hungry. The last hour was very, very long...

But, we opened up camp and settled in for a gorgeous weekend. The weather forecast told us that it was going to be "one to remember" with sunny skies, summer temperatures, etc.

Reality: mid-50s and rainy with wind.

And the boat and the truck both broke (that's a whole other story).

So, while the others braved the weather, I turned up the heat and popped in Disney's Ratatouille while I made dinner.

Uh, oh...

I have a booster seat...but nothing to strap it to (there are padded benches but no rungs to attach the booster straps to avoid tipping - and he'll tip!)


Well, I have a step stool.


Instant high chair.

Spunky Baby does dinner and a movie in style...

A high chair where once was none.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Happy Provider Appreciation Day

Today, May 9, 2008, is Provider Appreciation Day. Timing is perfect - just before Mother's Day! I know I couldn't have gone back to work in November when Spunky Baby was just 10 weeks old unless I found a great babysitter - and I was lucky to have found her. Next month she moves far, far away and we are going to miss her. I've lined up childcare, but life without her won't be the same. She's like family. Thank you for all that you do!!!!!!!! I had planned to give her a little Mom's Day gift, so learning about this day of recognition and the timing of it is ideal!
To that end, anyone have any ideas on going-away gifts? I already have a few in mind (and a couple ordered) but I'm looking for something nice to give her as a lasting memory - always remind her of her time with Spunky Baby.