Monday, July 14, 2008

First Steps: Where Were You?

Where were you when your baby took his/her first steps? Holding out your arms waiting for him to fall into them in a fit of giggles? Clapping with her as she smiles and holds her head up proud as a peacock?

I was in Manhattan. Five hours from my son.

At least I think I was. I'm not sure. I mean, I know where I was today, but I'm not sure they really were his first steps. So, I have to ask my mom friends: what, exactly, qualifies as first steps? One? Two? Three? Across the room? To an object?

Spunky Baby took his first real step on Thursday, July 10th. One step. Then, boom, down on the diaper. But a major first step! Then this weekend, he stood up on his own - without holding onto anything - for longer than he ever had before - maybe 30 or 45 seconds total.

Yesterday we had a house full of guests, so distractions were all around. He literally had 8 adults and 2 kids cheering him on as he stood there (see videos below) and took not one but TWO steps! Is that considered walking? If so, sweet! I was there and I even got it on camera.

Step one...(click photo or here to launch video)

Step two...(click photo or here to launch video)

Step two and a half...(click photo or here to launch video)

This morning I woke up at 4:00 and was on a 6:30 flight to LaGuardia - NYC. We had meetings all day for work. Spunky Daddy is doing a great job playing Mr. Mom while I am away (I'll be home tomorrow night). It's my first time away from Spunky Baby overnight (aside from the night me and Spunky Daddy left him and went out to dinner...) and the first time that Spunky Daddy is in charge for a full 48 hours.

He called as I was driving out of the city: Spunky Baby took three steps tonight.


My little man is growing up. So, all you parents out there...what did you use as the benchmark for "first steps" in the baby book? I'm curious to see if I was there and didn't pay much attention (one step), there and took video (two steps) or hundreds of miles away (three steps).

As guilty as I feel about being away from him tonight, I know he will be waiting for me with a big smile and open arms for a mommy-hug when I get home tomorrow. I hope traffic cooperates and brings me home before his bedtime...


AnnetteK said...

I think whatever first steps the mommy sees are the REAL first steps :)

Erin said...

I think the experience with everyone around and you got it on camera is what I'd count! Congrats! :-)

The Spunky Mommy said...

Yeah, consensus is that the video counts so I was there! Thanks! Yippee!

Terra said...

Aww, this just reminds me of my 4 year old baby. Every milestone he makes just makes me proud each time. This is a sweet reminder for moms!

Terra, Good Neighbor hotels Orlando

Jeani said...

This remind me to my experience several years ago. The growth is a process, so all steps are wonderful to see. Thanks