Friday, July 18, 2008

Want to feel helpless? Take care of a sick child.

Spunky Baby is sick.

Rewind six weeks: he got a stuffy nose 5 days after he entered daycare. Ah...three weeks later, it hadn't gone away so I brought him to the doctor: sinus infection and double ear infection, plus an abscess in his mouth where a tooth was coming in. Lucky him! So a round of antibiotics and voila! he's better three days into his ten day medication. I finished the meds as the doctor said, but near the end, he relapsed. So I called his doctor and the nurse said that it was most likely a different cold. That was three weeks ago. Over the next 10 days I called three times. Without a fever, it's not an infection so it's just a cold and will go away. OK...

He woke up Wednesday with a fever. I made an appointment and brought him in - to find out his ear infection (most likely) never went away and he needs to go on a different medication.

But this is the first time I've had to deal with a fever.

No fun. Limp, lethargic, moaning little boy with his head on my shoulder day and night. Even Children's Motrin isn't touching this thing. Poor little man.

The only thing that helps?

Freeze Pops with Pedialyte! No joke! I had no idea they made these. When I was little and was sick, my mom used to buy me popsicles. That helped replace some of the fluid lost. Years later, they came out with this Pedialyte stuff that helps with the electrolytes and other stuff lost while you are sick. NOW they combine them! Spunky Baby won't touch yogurt, crackers, or fruit. But he will eat his pops and reduce his fever. YIPPEE!

I just wish there was something I can do to make my baby all better...


MamaMonkey said...

This is not a funny situation. BUT I have to tell you what I immediately thought of - when I was up in MA with a viral infection during Christmas '89, your mom was the one to tell my family to let me have as many popsicles as I wanted. I love that the nurse in her still gives the same advice 20 years later!!

By the way, as much *fun* as a fever is, please don't keep fighting it so hard with Motrin, Tylenol, etc. As long as the fever is not excessively high (I believe 104+ in infants...) then the fever is actually HELPING Carter get better. We never give the kids Tylenol for a fever under 100 (unless there's pain involved.)

I'm sure your mom probably already told you that too. And it isn't helpful advice, because all you want to do is make the fever go away. Just remember to hate the infection, not the fever. The fever is your friend (sort of...)

Love ya. Hope he's feeling better now!

Anonymous said...

Hi. I found your site looking for images for a project. (You must have mentioned an "ear of corn" in some place.) I enjoyed the diversion of your pics. You have a lovely family. My "little ones" are 12 and 14 now. Sometimes I miss the baby stuff! Cherish every minute of it - even the no fun stuff!

My best for the sick one. Back to work now... :)

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